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New RIM CDs launch night a huge success!
Thursday 15 May, at the Shunt Vaults – Sexton Ming, the Tropics of Cancer and Rude Mechanicals all played to a packed house – photos here.

For those who missed it, the Rude Mechanicals CD is available Here NOW IN OUR SHOP!!

Also in the shop we have Sexton Ming: Punks are Sad, Hippies are Cool, and the Tropics of Cancer featuring She Rocola: Under the Covers.

Listen to sections of Sheila’s Dream and Lover Man on the Tropics’ MySpace page.

RIM News Items:
*NEW RIM T-shirts – plus FREE badges!
*New Tropics of Cancer CD reviews
*New RIM CDs launch night a huge success!
*Sexton Mng and Project Dark
*Why Crapping Clown?
*Hank Stirrup & Chet Tendon Belgian Tour dates 2006
*LIVE from the USA – Hank Stirrup & Chet Tendon! And Jake Vegas, DBB
*Benjamin Prosser new 7″ released
*Jake Vegas and Joe Whitney reviewed on Sleazegrinder
*Sexist Warriors invade Medway
*Hank Stirrup and Chet Tendon in Bizarre magazine and on tour!
*The RIM Sampler and the new RIM website

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