Rim Records


RIM (and Crapping Clown) Discograqphy

Catalogue: (all currently available items can be purchased in the shop.)
Rude Mechanicals “Glass Eye” 2008
(15 May) RIM CD19
The Tropics of Cancer featuring She Rocola “Under the Covers” 2007 RIM CD18
Sexton Ming “Punks are Sad Hippies are Cool” 2007 RIM CD 17
Dave Russell “Kaleidoscope Concentrate” 2006 RIMCD16
Ming and Stout “A Taste of Wood” 2006 Crapping Clown CD01
ALL RIM artists through 2005 “The RIM Sampler” 2006 RIMCD15
The Deptford Beach Babes “Hawaii SE-8” 2005 RIMCD14
The Tropics of Cancer “Introduction to a Rumour” (Sold out) 2005 RIMCD13
Sexton Ming “A Lifetime of Nervous Gutaches #2: Rare Recordings 1979-2005” CD 2005 RIMCD12
STOT21stCPlanB “Satan’s Rat Trap and the Mouse that wound up dead” CD 2005 RIMCD11
Jake Vegas “Nevada Gas” CD 2005 RIMCD10
Hank Stirrup and Ceht Tendon “18 Rural Stomps and Ballads” CD(Sold out) 2005 RIMCD09
Sexton Ming “Out to Stud” CD 2004 RIMCD08
Benjamin Prosser “Blues for Harpo” CD 2004 RIMCD07
Sexton Ming “Funk Child” CD (Sold out) 2004 RIMCD06
The Avant Gardeners “The Avant Gardeners” CD 2004 RIMCD05
Sexton Ming “Crumb Girl” CD (Sold out) 2003 RIMCD04
The Deptford Beach Babes “Deptford Beach” 7″ 2003 RIM7001
Sexton Ming “A Lifetime of Nervous Gutaches #1: Rare Recordings 1979-2002” CD (Sold out) 2003 RIMCD03
The Tasty Ones “Powered by Guts” CD (Sold out) 2001 RIMCD02
The Tasty Ones “Piston Project” CD (Sold out) 1999 RIMCD01
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