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“The term “Outsider Music” was first coined by Irwin Chusid, DJ of WFMU New Jersey USA. (Check out his book “Songs in the key of Z’).
“It is a music of no particular style or format. It could be Heavy Metal (aka Naughty music), Country or Surf. But what makes it original and unique is the guys who make it. Their approach is usually unorthodox. they read the manual then put it through the shredder. What comes out cannot be explained. Outsider Artists include Wesley Willis, Daniel Johnson. Bingo Gazingo and Wild Man Fisher.

“Rim Records specialises in this brave, new music. It is a vehicle to help champion those of no commercial value. Uncouth is the
new cool.”

– Sexton Ming, founder of RIM

Select RIM CDs are now available in Rough Trade shops in London.

THREE new RIM CDs! Sexton Ming: Punks are Sad, Hippis are Cool, and the Tropics of Cancer featuring She Rocola: Under the Covers, and Rude Mechanicals Glass Eye.

Dave Russell: Kaleidoscope Concentrate
A lost legend from the 60s, Dave Russell takes you on a trip through council estates and binoculars of wisdom to paper flowers and new hamlets. Ivor Cutler meets Jandeck meets the Incredible String Band.
MP3: “Executive’s Lament.”
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Ming & Stout:
A Taste of Wood.
Crapping Clown CC01
You’ve heard all the hype, now hear the real thing. Adrian Stout of the Tigerlillies meets Sexton Ming, godfather of British Outsider Music. A ball-blistering album. Step away, girls. You may get pregnant. With tracks like “Chick Career”, “Phyllis” and “Hippo’s paddling pool”, no wonder you’ll like it.

MP3s: “This will be over”, “Phyllis”, “I wish I was Eno”, “Chutney”. On new label Crapping Clown, catalogue number CC01.
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The Deptford Beach Babes: Hawaii SE-8
Outsider surf. Hang ten on the Thames! From their early Toe Rag recordings to studio Gizzard in East London.

“…Their aim [is] to rehabilitate the distinctly sunny Californian ’60s surf rock to a polluted patch of sand in south-east London and to rejuvenate jaded London pubs and clubs with grass skirts and beach balls… Hawaii SE-8 comprises of Middle Eastern influences, Mozart, paranoid farmlife, 1950s UK rock’n’roll and more… Rim Records supremo Sexton Ming guests on the strange tale of agitated farmyard animals in Clint Eastwood Does it Again…” more

MP3s: “Firewater” and “Surf Hell”
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NEW: Rude Mechanicals: Glass Eye
RIM CD19: OUT 15 May 2008
A peculiar hybrid of Mae West and Bette Davis’s Baby Jane, frontwoman Miss Roberts focuses on a variety of subjects such as DIY flying, the imagined encroachment of the neighbours – “they’re taking video footage of the thoughts in my head” – and toe sucking. The band play with a commitment and ability that results in favourable comparisons to their admitted influences Frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart. The Rude Mechanicals’ live set simultaneously leaves new converts petrified, quizzical, musically refreshed and convulsed at the bizarre outrageousness of it all.


NEW: The Tropics of Cancer featuring She Rocola: Under the Covers
Joe Whitney’s latest offering of soothing ballads and rythmic rock’n’stroll!
RIM CD 18 Listen to sections of Sheila’s Dream and Lover Man on the Tropics’ MySpace page.

The Tropics of Cancer: Introduction to a Rumour
Joe Whitney’s liquer box of a mix-up draws in the diverse talents and terrors of worldwide gifted, beautiful and hopelessly ruined performers. All moods catered for, from the

kittenishly playful to the downright morbid. (including fellow Rim artists Jake Vegas and The Avant Gardeners)

MP3s: “Upside Down” and “Balls to Call?”
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NEW: Sexton Ming: Punks are Sad, Hippies are Cool
Ming’s first solo album in 3 years! Recorded with a full band (Ed Deegan and Benjamin Prosser of the Tap Collective and Lee McFadden of ATV and Angel Racing Food), and includes updated recordings of the classics “The Art of Defeating Logic” and “The Cows are strong” (both previously out of print) plus lots of new gems. Press Release here.

OUT TO STUD: Sexton Ming. RIMCD08

Where can you hear the influences of Norwegian Death Metal, the melodic gentleness of Low, and the cradle-rocking 3/4 of the Tigerlillies? On Sexton Ming’s new album “Out to Stud”, of course. Plus cover versions of Captain Beefheart’s “25th Century Quaker”, and ATV’s “How much longer“ with revamped lyrics.

MP3s: “Wild cat happy” and “The milk goes in the baby”.
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Sexton Ming: A Lifetime of Nervous Gutaches Volume 2
The second volume of rare tracks. Including two unreleased Diamond Gusset songs. The very sought after “Glug Glug Car”. Plus live performances from Medways very first Super group, Auntie Vegetable, and plenty of other bilge.
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Scorpion Thunderbolt of the Twenty First Century Plan B (STOT21stCPlanB): Satan’s Rat Trap and the Mouse that wound up dead

Dark, sardonic and full of death. The very first outsider Metal concept album by a bunch of 17 yr olds suffering from a advance ageing desease.
“Your good kids. But not good enough”. Ricky Livid. Ed of Blues Mullet magazine.
Cover hand made by the band. Collectable.

buy here: http://www.theaquariumonline.co.uk/shop-stot.htm
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Jake Vegas: Nevada Gas
Shambolic, clueless rock n roll from London legendary shopping bag carrying authority on west end gangsters of the 50’s and 60’s.

Includes tracks from Toe Rag studios as well as Joe Whitney recordings.
MP3: “Naked Kiss”
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18 Rural Stomps and Ballads by Hank Stirrup and Chet Tendon
“Somewhere out there is a parallel universe. In that universe is a parallel planet like our own. On that planet is a parallel forest. In that that forest is a parallel shack. In that shack lives a parallel Hasil Adkins. Chet Tendon and Hank Stirrup are his parallel slow-witted bastard sons.” – Sexton Ming

“me and hank are really brothers. we grew up in a once small pennsylvania dutch farming community … my onegrandfather dabled in music , making crude violins. he always had a harmonica or something for me to make noise on. … my other grandparents were in a jug band, entertained folks at the local radio station and vfw halls in the 40s and 50s. grandma played accordian, grandpop played tenor gitar. my parents didnt like us listening to music cause it would lead us to a sinners life. so we taught ourselves to make music cause it was in us. .. ” – Chet Tendon

Link: Hank and Chet on Myspace.com – where you can hear more music and check more about the boys

MP3s: “The Ballad of Hank and Chet” and “Lemme see you dance.”
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The Avant Gardeners do not believe in using more than four recording tracks. Most of their music is recorded on two or less. Their songs last no more than three minutes. They believe in expressing their worldly experiences in a short, high energy blast, without the repetition of verse, chorus, verse. Say something once, why say it again?
The Avant Gardeners wish to remain anonymous for as long as failure will allow them.
They create their music in a tiny village in Dorset. They believe their materiel is so controversial and subversive that they fear the locals will run them out of town with burning torches, just like Frankenstein’s Monster.
Sometimes you have to live a double life to survive.

Listen to MP3s…”Chinese Burn” and “Brakin’ the Law”
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Benjamin Prosser: Blues for Harpo

‘Blues for Harpo’ is a collection of songs documenting the period when Benjamin began to slip into a depression which he continues to articulate with his bands The TAP Collective and Jamboree and in his drawings and paintings.
With songs as naked as ‘The Cunt of Hope’ and ‘Remembrance’ all recorded the day he wrote them, using whatever instrumentation was to hand and utilizing the most basic recording device, two tape recorders, Benjamin has created an album with songs as melodic and singular as Daniel Johnston’s ‘Walking the Cow’ or Kurt Cobain’s ‘Come As You Are’; a sad and funny, wry and truthful account of the anxiety of young life caught in the grip of something unnameable.
Benjamin is now 30 years old, working hard and unemployed in London.

“These could have been hits, but something went wrong – thank god. Pure Outsider” – Ricky Livid, expert on Outsider Music

Listen to MP3 “Remembrance”.
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This is Sexton’s third solo release on Rim. It is deliberately American. Sexton has lived with, tasted, touched and smelt the Yankie tribe. And this is the theme of the album. The slow erosion of English culture from the lapping waves of the Atlantic. This is exemplified by songs of and about TV detectives, Hip Hop, Springstein and folk blues.
*** Listen to “Starsky and Hutch” in MP3 ***
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